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Capture Your Story

Your Story in a Book

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We start with a phone call. You talk, and I listen. I interject feelings so you know I’m listening and will ask questions if this helps you to tell your story better. But other than that, you talk for 90 minutes. Or we break it up into 45 minutes or 3 thirty minute sessions.

It’s my job to worry about the flow of your book making it a great read.

You talk. I listen, edit and put your stories in a fantastic book for you and others to read because your stories captured in these books about your life are amazing.

Price: $950.00



Write Your Story

Write your story written on typewriter

When you purchase this product I send you 25 questions if you want to answer them to help you with your story and a checklist of what you’ll need to send me including the name of the title, 2 paragraph bio, a picture for the front cover, a picture for the back cover and ten pictures that go inside.

The pictures that go inside will be black and white for the printed book.

The pdf (ebook) will be color if you send in color photographs.

6500 Word Content Count

I’ll format your book and grammar check it.

You’ll get to see what it will look like before printing and make corrections.

Price: $350.00