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The Otis Gifting Program

Otis Showing Me How To Be More of Who I am_The Beginning of a Gifting Program by Beth Lord

Posted by Beth Lord on November 25, 2014 | 3It was last Thursday when Grant and I passed him after coming back from having breakfast at The Dacoma Diner. We didn't know him, so we didn't stop when we saw him in our neighbor's yard. When he came into our field the next day, that's when I became more of who I am.   So there he was, Dog. Grant called me out of the kitchen to come outside to see him because Dog didn't move. He sat and watched us; we stood and watched him; he sat and watched us and we stood and watched him. He didn't move. He appeared to be a sweet, calm bloodhound who was lost. First things first, I ran into the farmhouse to get some dog food and water for him. He was hungry, thirsty and ate it all up.  I ran and got more food for him. He ate it all up. He came in closer to where I was because the food commu Read More