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Enter the Empathy Chamber

Nov 30, 2017 | Comments Off on Enter the Empathy Chamber

Enter the Empathy Chamber

It is now October 2017. Alissa is coming to my Yurt tonight to tell her story. We met this past March at a Townsquared Women’s Breakfast Meeting. Both of us drawn to one another. I love what Alissa is doing with her company Supirb ( and provide the mutual empathy as we talk about the realities of online businesses and beta testing. She’s intrigued by what I do and wants her story captured.

Alissa has tried to write her stories in a blog that has only four entries on it ( The reality of life is that time moves, and the compelling stories in our hearts get dropped and left behind as our days are busy and full.

Most of us have jobs we need to work at, businesses to manage, families and communities to love. Our participation in these ordinary events of everyday life leaves us little time for feeling the emotions and memories of the past and deconstructing the survival layers we have put on to live life. We don’t want to peel these layers and get naked unless there’s a good reason More …

From now until December 31, 2017, we have a Holiday Special for Getting Your Stories into a Book. Just pay, and you have until March 31, 2018, to do this or call me to book your time before December 10th and get your book printed by December 20th.

Happy Holidays.


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