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The Stories of Who We Are

We capture your stories for you, but we also want people to benefit from listening to your personal histories, memories, and challenges on an audio or pdf because we want to learn from you.

You choose to be anonymous or not.

Each book will have a short sentence or two about what it’s about and the plot theme. Don’t worry about choosing the theme; I’ll figure it out and put it in the best position, so others know what the benefit is for them to listen or read it.

These books are only in an audio or pdf version.

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To download an audio or pdf of a book for your personal use, please make a donation below. All funds collected will be forwarded to the corresponding author at the end of each month.


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You and your books make up this part of our website as the community. The more people you tell about this section; traffic increases and people hear you or read about you. Here, is a place where our stories are gathered and collected so we may feel and learn.

Finding Otis *

!Finding Otis_Cover
!Finding Otis_Cover
I came back to our farm in Oklahoma in the late fall/early winter of 2014 after walking the Camino de Santiago. I was sick, tired and didn’t know what direction I wanted to take my writing or my company. That’s when a gentle soul in the form of a stray dog showed up at our farm and taught me the power of listening and believing to the story in my heart. I turned it into a book because it was such a powerful, transforming experience for me. Then I realized, I had to write other peoples’ stories in this way as well. And so, Finding Otis, was the birth story and the beginning of this great idea that for 30 minutes of telling your story or stories, your story turns into a fifty-page book.
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by freelancer

La Dolce Vita a Villa Picalo/Living The Sweet Life

La Dolce Vita a Villa Picolo_Cover
When you feel blocked. When you feel like you are stressed out. When you need a vacation but you don’t have the time or the money, then here is the solution. Go here and read La Dolce Vita a Villa a Picalò and remember the sweet life. La Dolce Vita a Villa a Picalò reminds us that we can travel to these places in our inner minds and hearts at any time. Take 10-30 minutes out of your hectic day and get a taste of this sweet life. You ARE worth it.
In the spirit of people telling their stories, you are making a donation to the author because his story matters. Because we can't sit around a campfire together anymore, this is the next best thing for learning from each other and being entertained by a great story.
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by freelancer