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Five Easy Steps for Turning Your Stories Into Books


Little did I know I would use my stories to get over the hurdles of a five-year grief process that helped me heal, change and discover more of who I am. Telling myself stories about me and others; recording them and then listening to these stories got me out of my comfort zone and strengthened my self-esteem and acceptance that made it possible to take this risk knowing more about myself and what I needed to do to nourish me.

I walk The Camino de Santiago, and an important part of this spiritual journey is listening to another’s story and sharing yours when the time is right. Transformation happens on this walk because we listen to these inner and outer stories of who we are. That’s why I want you to know your worth in your stories. And when you’re ready, turn them into a book and remember how you came to be where you are now. It starts with telling your stories and using them to organize and focus the cluttered mind and free the blocked heart by simply feeling the stories that make
us who we are.

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