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Jun 29, 2017 | Comments Off on Graduations

About a week ago, the high school that is right near me had graduation night. It brought me back to when Ame graduated from high school. It brought me back to the same year when Sam, my youngest, graduated from eighth grade. We think we remember these events. We don’t. It was 2006, and my mother came out for these two graduations, and Paul’s father and mother came out too. Mom passed away in 2008 and Dad died in 2010. Memories are all over the place, aren’t they? Why not gather that poem or those thoughts from you, your graduate and others so that it’s in a thin, easy-to- read book that can be fully remembered by family and the graduate.

I look at the letter I wrote to Ame for this high school graduation. There’s a lovely description of what is going on during this day. My Mom is still sleeping; Grandpa has written his poem and given it to Ame already. The family will celebrate at our favorite go-to- Italian Restaurant, Marcello’s that is no longer. The party for all of Ame’s friends and Sam’s friends will be over the weekend.

I cringe as I read this letter because my grammar is awful. Did I give this to my daughter this way?

But I remember, I remember I was working two full-time jobs trying to help my children through private school and college. I was also working hard so Grant, my husband, could rebuild our home. I remember during this timeframe, I was on “fight and flight” and completely on overload.

I smile at the past me. I survived this phase of my life, and now I long for it back. The jokes on me sometimes and I have to laugh. I wanted to write, and here I am writing. Depending on Grammarly to help me with grammar. It’s part of my tools, and I don’t think any less of myself. Back then writing was only a dream, and I was frustrated I could not write.

Even though Ame might have saved the original letter, I will put this letter through Grammarly so I can make the necessary corrections. And yes, I think I’ll make a book for her that sums up her eighth grade, high school, and college graduations.

Meanwhile, my niece graduated this year from high school and is going on to college to get her nursing degree. And her sister graduated from a community college with an Associate’s Degree.

Will their stories be captured in a book to be remembered when someone reads the book years from now? Who knows if that will happen, but hopefully, someone will capture their stories.

Thank-you for reading this blog.





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