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Hannah Wins First At County and State Fair

Sep 26, 2017 | Comments Off on Hannah Wins First At County and State Fair



Hannah Wins First At County and State Fair
Miraculous local stories are happening in our lives, and Hannah Mason’s story is such a one because her painting took first in the county and Oklahoma State Fair. She is a freshman at Alva High School.
Congratulations on winning both!
Hannah is excited and surprised on winning this big, but it encourages her to keep painting the way she feels. Her inspiration is God, animals, and love from family. Dedication to art brought Hannah down this path and her encouragement from family and friends to enter this picture in the county fair because they loved her painting.
Hannah explains:
“The picture is a representation of God, and he is the lion. Jesus is in the background because he is helping us in knowing God, and guiding us in our daily life. This message is in my heart, and I had to paint it for other people.

Winning motivates me even further to continue painting.
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