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Organization and Chaos Turned Into Thin Books On Self-Care by Beth Lord

Mar 3, 2017 | Comments Off on Organization and Chaos Turned Into Thin Books On Self-Care by Beth Lord

Next week, I am mediating a woman’s business health care panel on Self-Care, put on by Townsquared Seattle in The University District. You have an open invitation, just follow this link and find out more. You’re more than welcome to come and It’s free, you just have to register. This event has been in the works for a while but was formalized last week when Melissa asked if I’d be the mediator. I was thrilled but my husband and I were planning to leave for The Farm. I asked him if we could wait till after this event to go back to the farm and it turns out the change in our plans works for him too.

So NO more excuses now, I had to finish my Self-Care Question and Answer Journalso I spent forty hours putting it together, proofing and ordering a hundred books. I paid extra for priority shipping with no guarantee the books would get here by Monday.

Today, I had my weekly meeting with Najee, my website designer and wanted him to add two more products to my website – The Self-Care Question & Answer Journal and My Secret Journal.I haven’t looked at My Secret Journal in over a year. It was written in 2015. When I looked at the journaltoday. I said, “Wow” when I realized it would have been fine for this Self-Care Event. In fact, I could have put in an order on Monday, and these books would have arrived today or Monday. This week would not have been so stressful if I had recognized I had these choices. If my computer folders were a tad bit more organized, I would have known this. There are many folders for one book project. I am in the process of streamlining the system, so it works for me and I’m not nutty looking for something I know I have but trying to figure out which folder I put it in. Life throws us enough chaos for us to manage without making it worse by our own disorganization.

But, I’m still working with this process and have to laugh about me. I know I’m working towards these folders getting clearer and simpler. Less stress is better. I know, greater organization simplifies my life, so I’m not so anxious about meeting deadlines and taking care of me too. It doesn’t have to be an eitheror proposition. I can be present in life every moment of every day if I pay attention to the continuum of organization and chaos. That’s also the main reason why I love turning your stories into thin books because the intensity and requirements of utilizing a variety of applications and processes to turn your story into a book is easily managed by me. I love turning your stories into thin books. They nourish me and I know they nourish you. So my mistake if the journals don’t come by Tuesday. If they don’t, I’ll email journals to people who have attended the event or the PDF of it . If you like a PDF of either journal just send me a request.

And right now? What am I doing? Well I’m sitting in front of my computer organizing my folders so I have as little chaos in my life as possible.


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