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5 Minutes of Recorded Stories Turned Into Books

Oct 25, 2016 | Comments Off on 5 Minutes of Recorded Stories Turned Into Books


Record five minutes of your story on your smart phone or any device that allows you to make a sound file attached to an email you send me. I’ll transcribe and edit it for you within 24 hours and send it back to you.

Five minutes is plenty long when you’re recording. Give it a try right now and see how comfortable it is talking into a recorder knowing someone is listening to you, transcribing your story and making it a great story that comes back to you in both a written pdf and an audio version for your maximum benefit.This five-minute recording is how you build your living legacy in an easy and comfortable way.

  1. Purchase the product.
  2. I’ll send you a personal confirmation number that you’re in our system and your story will be accepted whenever you send it.
  3. Record your story. It can be less then five minutes and under ten minutes.
  4. Send your story to the email address I have given you in the confirmation email.
  5. You’ll get your story back within 24 hours.
  6. Do this as many times as you have a story.

Price: $35.00