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by Linda on A Playbook Ebook

WOW WOW WOW I love it with the integrations and the links. Yeah for your new venture
taking off. After being at CNS, and being out in the world I can see the ‘need’ that your company is
poised to fill. The book is FABULOUS. I love the blast through “hierarchy of care” so everyone can
feel supported. What a feat - BRAVO...that’s what the world needs now - to be supported.
- Linda (Peter’s Step-Mom)

by Eden on A Playbook Ebook

“I wanted to say thank you for the caregiver/client workbook. It gives me and my

client something to work on together. It’s interesting. It's got a lot of variety, but

not too complicated. We had fun working through some of it this weekend. :)

Thanks again, Eden “


Posted by on Oct 25, 2016 | Comments Off on Specials

This is an amazing bargain because you get me interviewing you for an hour. The normal pricing is $350.00. I want you to tell your stories NOW.

Step 1 –

You’ll be sent (via email) 100 questions. You circle the ones you’d like me to ask you. You’ll also be sent a contract to sign before we begin this process to protect your privacy and whether you’d like to have your book public.

Step 2 –

We have our conversation with the method of your choice and I record our talk.

Step 3 –

In 3-4 weeks you’ll receive a proof of your book via email and you can make corrections.

Step 4 –

You’ll receive one 6″x9″ softbound book. You can order extra books from me at any time.
Price: $250.00