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Story Sessions

Dec 10, 2013 | Comments Off on Story Sessions


The focus of each Story Session will be to listen to the heart of your story so we can hear what you are saying and map it out to its effects in your thoughts, emotions, and body.

  • Is the story energizing you?
  • Is it stressing you out?
  • Does it make you feel frightened?
  • Angry or sad?
  • Is it a family legacy that needs to be healed?

The session lasts for 50 minutes during which we will come up with a creative component that will help you with this story in your everyday life.

Price: $85.00


Within 24 hours of our session you will receive an emailed PDF file of the session which will include:

  • your story
  • what we talked about
  • possible tools, techniques, exercises, and other resources for you to explore

The story session will be complete unto itself so you can decide as to the frequency of the story sessions you will want to have.

Price: $85.00