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Storyville Coffee Compels

Dec 12, 2017 | Comments Off on Storyville Coffee Compels

Storyville Coffee Compels

Stories connect us to each other and provide a prime motivator for how we shop, what we buy and doing business with companies who share a narrative we can believe.

Nelson told us this remarkable story at the Townsquared Women’s Breakfast Meeting in October 2017.

Jon and Esther were talking amongst themselves and thinking about the world. While they were thinking about the world they thought to themselves, one of the worst, if not the worst, is human trafficking. There is now some 40 million people enslaved.

So eleven years ago they created a subscription coffee company as a means of making money to give to organizations that decreased this problem. The coffee was fresh and enjoyable, designed to sip and savor over conversations with business people, friends and family. That’s why they called their company, Storyville, since everyone has a story to tell.

Their mission is creating a brand that’s beautiful, excellent and is a For-Giving company. Coffee is the medium for combating this problem in a “robust” way.

Three years ago, Jon and Esther started up brick and mortar shops.The idea is to make the shops as comfortable as possible and build a coffee shop on every single corner of Seattle, that stands out. So people go and say, what is different about this store? This coffee? This company? It’s the stories told while sipping coffee.

I love our coffee, and everyone I work with feels the same way. It’s my job as outreach marketing sales to come and provide complimentary coffee to businesses and organizations in Seattle so people can taste our coffee and know we are serious about creating environments for storytelling.

We are passionate building the customer experience for stories and freeing human trafficking in every cup of coffee we serve. We tell our story to groups, so groups and individuals will consider being part of our Storyville. Won’t you?

If you feel inspired by reading this story please share it.

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