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The Fourth Stop Along The Camino de Santiago by Beth Lord

FullSizeRender Pablo was soon out of sight. I was glad for the opportunity to be quiet and walking alone to Finisterre. It was going to take me at least another day to get there. I stopped at Vilaserio for some Aquarius and a Bocadillo. Aquarius is water, with nutrients in it and a Bocadillo is a sandwich ( usually consisting of ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato) made on a baguette. I don't exactly know how it happened but I sat at a table with two Australian women from Brisbane. I had seen Trisha last night with the German pilgrims and tho Read More

The Second Stop Along The Way To Camino de Santiago be Beth Lord

image I flew into Luxembourg about 5:30. My friend lives in Germany equal distance between that airport and Frankfort-Hahn airport. These are smaller sized airports which I enjoy flying into. I hadn't seen Nancy in 22 years when she had been working at Mediplex in Edmonds, WA. as their Physical Therapist and I had been working there as the Occupational Therapist. I think we both only worked there for a 3 month contract but we had many long discussions that spring/summer because the client count was down. It was a live-in rehab center for people who were Read More

Why walk The Camino de Santiago a second time?

Because it's not as bad as giving birth to children! image That's what I said to my oldest daughter when she was filming me getting this tattoo in July and asked me if it hurt. I told her it was a little stronger than electrolysis but she's never had electrolysis so I told her it was nothing like childbirth. So why do I have this badass tattoo on my forearm now and why am I walking the Camino again within 12 months? Well, it all started 3 1/2 years ago when Corporate decided I was making too much money and fired me. I was the breadwinner but I just Read More