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Creating Connection That Lasts

in this world is a difficult thing to do. If we are a business, we need to earn money and make a living to pay ourselves and pay the bills. If we are an employee, this is also true. We have a home to take care of, and in that home, there may be living mates, partners, spouses, older parents, children, and pets (to name just a few). We are busy doing all of these action items to survive. If we don’t, we could find ourselves out on the street.

So much of what we do is rote because we have to do it day in and day out. We can take pleasure in knowing that we can do these things, but more often than not, we turn any mindfulness off just to get out the door and get to work on time.

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Imagine Dancing, Swaying To The Music Of The

Big band era with your sweetheart. The music’s alive, and it’s hot or cool, but it is infectious with people dancing to this percolator of collective consciousness. Many stories live here.

When Ronnie tells a story, he stops somewhere, remembers another story; his mind and music fluid in this way, and it 's hard to know where one story ends, and another one begins. I write, edit, give up and go with the flow. I have come to realize this “going with the flow” is a big gift I’m learning in being Ronnie’s writer.

Ronnie has been in the music scene ever since he was a youngster hanging around Johnnie Jessen because It’s All in The ToneRead More Read More

A Cautionary Tale

It is horrors of horrors when something so shocking and painful happens to us in our world. It is gruesome to think of your child slaughtered to death. The hardest thing is your last moments. The hardest thing is searching your heart for the connection of love that has been ripped so violently from you without any warning whatsoever. You scan your memories, but there is so much pain you can’t remember the stories, the voice, the hugs, the smiles. The life essence force of your loved one is gone. Call out the search and rescue because they have vanished.

You can go to social media postings, scrapbooking, photos and videos. But they don’t support the imagination of the totality of the heart and soul o Read More

5 Ways Our Stories Won’t Be Gobbled Up By The Internet.

Storytelling drives our world in information, entertainment, empathy, social media, and marketing venues. The narrative is the all-mighty for getting our attention. So when a story gets our attention, it gets us. We consume the information, and the tale has done its job.

But how do we feel about our personal and business stories consumed by the fleeting moments of time? How can we access our information, so they stay alive and feed our inspiration, motivation, entertainment, and information when we need these stories the most?

Here are five ways to keep your stories strong:

Turn off the “noise” , “the buzz” and the “online Read More

4 Questions To Ask and Answer On Having A Satisfying Life

It is Friday, and we have Saturday and Sunday to rest, relax, run errands and remind ourselves we have a satisfying life. Be honest, how many of you even stop to realize your life is pretty terrific because you are alive and living?  We participate in day to day living which has a marvelous rhythm to it if we pay attention to this naturalness and not the distractions and cacophony that bombards us. There is grace to be found in reminding ourselves that we are alive and that is satisfying in itself. We have to do many activities to accommodate this being alive, but if we don’t get ahead of ourselves, if we are where we are and take life at that moment, all of the activities get done in the way that they need to get Read More

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