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Name One Person You Will Dearly Miss

Name One Person You Will Dearly Miss This Holiday by Beth Lord

Hard question to answer. There are so many people I miss my heart hurts when I remember these amazing people who touched my life. Here I am, it’s Christmas Eve. I’m with my husband, my kids and their husbands or beaus and Chris’s Mom and sister. We are in Victoria B.C. until Dec. 26th and rented a beautiful home on the water. We are doing things together and individually. There’s enough space for privacy and togetherness. It’s been snowing in Seattle for four hours and snow is coming down in Victoria. Everyone took our two-year-old, grandson, Xavier, out to build a little snowman. He ate the head of the snowman. Excitedly he came inside to tell his Mom he wanted to eat more snowman.

I remember my pa Read More

What Kind-of A Story Draws You In?

At dusk today a blonde-tufted chocolate-brown/black chicken crossed the street at 115th and 28th Ave NE. A boy named Ike brought it home, on 25th Ave NE. If you are the “owner,” please contact me, and I will give you Ike’s phone number. Dad: We’ll see if Ike makes it home with the chicken on his bike. I’m so proud of him that he thought about the situation and responded. Dad: The Chicken Has Landed. Primarily black with a white-head, and super-tame. Must be someone’s pet. Neighbor 1: I’m super impressed he biked home holding a chicken. Dad: The bird is quite docile. It’s handsome, as far as chickens go. Neighbor 2: Do you know why the chicken crossed the road? Read More Read More