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What Kind-of A Story Draws You In?

At dusk today a blonde-tufted chocolate-brown/black chicken crossed the street at 115th and 28th Ave NE. A boy named Ike brought it home, on 25th Ave NE. If you are the “owner,” please contact me, and I will give you Ike’s phone number. Dad: We’ll see if Ike makes it home with the chicken on his bike. I’m so proud of him that he thought about the situation and responded. Dad: The Chicken Has Landed. Primarily black with a white-head, and super-tame. Must be someone’s pet. Neighbor 1: I’m super impressed he biked home holding a chicken. Dad: The bird is quite docile. It’s handsome, as far as chickens go. Neighbor 2: Do you know why the chicken crossed the road? Read More Read More