Mindfulness by Beth Lord

Multitasking is all the rage. Isn’t that why we have our smartphones, pads, laptops and the latest apps to be efficient and effective? You know, you experience the Starbuck’s person taking your order with her headset, getting your order ready and ringing you up while being in conversation with the next customer. There’s no time for chit chat unless there’s no one behind you. But of course there’s someone behind you because we’ve bought into the illusion that Starbucks will power us through. In all due respect, I’m in a Hinsdale, IL. Starbucks after having taken a red eye from Seattle to Chicago so, I can’t really bite the hand that gives me caffeine do I?

Well, I do. Our brain functions best in wholeness. And that means when we aren’t diversifying our intent. I’m sure there’s research on the disastrous effects of mulitasking which has been the rage for the past two decades but it splinters ourself off in disastrous ways.

Chances are, if you are practicing mindfulness, you are heart centered on being a human being and have kindness and compassion for you and others. So I implore you, practice brain wholeness or mind-full-is. Storytelling is an example which has very deep routes into our brain function and goes all the way back when humans use to sit around the campfire telling stories. That’s how people communicated their culture and life’s lessons.

Give yourself an infusion of mindfulness by storytelling and practicing some of these simple lessons you can do. If you have someone who could benefit from whole brain function why don’t you try out:

A Playbook Between The Memory Challenged Client & The Caregiver by Beth Lord

Lesson One - Breathe more fully
Breathing is one (Read More)

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