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We can also invoice via PayPal. Give me a call at 206-929-0024 so we can talk about your needs.

Book-Making Events




We help you create online opportunities to gather your group’s stories and put them into a book. Each person in the group gets the book that’s produced by everyone storytelling. This book-making event is an incredible opportunity to create a thin, easy-to-read book that tells the story of your group’s unique and compelling ways.


The price varies depending on whether or not you want me to guide the group. Just email or give me a call so we can talk about your wants and needs.




I’m available to coordinate a group event for you upon negotiation.




What a great way to tell someone you love them by gathering people’s thoughts for one of these themes and getting it in a book. You can do this on your own or I can help you coordinate your efforts, so people contribute to the book. Say you’re having a surprise party for your husband and you want a book to be part of that surprise. You email out your thoughts to the people you want to contribute (I can help you with that), give people a deadline, and I’ll coordinate with you and your group so that we get contributions from people. This book-making event is fun.


Because I provide the personal touch and everyone’s situation is unique, give me a call so we can talk about what you want and I can write up a proposal for you.


Capture Your Story in a Book

There are several options for preparing your story for publication.

Personal Interview with Beth

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You talk, and I listen. I will provide guiding questions if that helps you tell your story better. We will collect your story in one 90-minute session together. (This can also be broken up into two or three shorter sessions.) The interview can be done in person, over the phone, or with a virtual meeting.
I will then edit your words to create a book that flows naturally and tells your amazing story.
Includes one printed copy of your book. (Additional copies available for $12.99 each.)

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Price: $950.00

No Time To Do This But I Want A Book Made As A Gift

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Decide the theme of your book. Send us an email: I’ll send you a template of that type of book with blanks where you need to fill in the person’s name and the fill-in-the-blank specifics. You send it back to me, and I’ll print it once you’ve paid my invoice. If you want it before Christmas, I’ll need the paid invoice and your book information by December 10th. NO EXCEPTIONS.
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Price: $75.00

Write Your Story

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You’ll receive 25 questions to help inspire the author inside of you along with a checklist of the content and images I’ll need to transform your 6500-word story into a book.


You can also send me the written or the recorded responses to any of my reading & writing journals (see under Books)


Includes formatting and grammar checking as well as one printed copy of your book. (Additional copies available for $12.99 each.)

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Price: $350.00


Beth's Consulting

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Use Beth’s expertise as a Founder & CEO, Author, Writer, Editor, Publisher, Occupational Therapist, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Memory Specialist, Alternative Practitioner, Sales Representative to give you proactive information on the situation you need advice.

Step 1 –

Pay for the hour of service.

Step 2 –

Beth will send you an email asking you for specific information you need as well as a link to her calendar so you can set up your appointment.

Step 3 –

Return the information you need help with 24 hours before you appointment.
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Price: $125.00



Beth has published several books of her own to help you discover healing and self-realization, find your voice, and connect to your community.


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