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Get To The Heart Of You

Write Heart Memories® transforms your stories, thoughts, poems, ideas, family legacy, or business brand into a thin, easy-to-read book. This freeing process is a simple portal for healing and self-realization that also provides a treasured keepsake to share with your loved ones and community.

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Beth is great at encouraging and supporting the telling of stories that define our family   I love the book format to tell stories. It's so easy to bring along anywhere to show others versus a big photo album.   It's easy to capture stories with Beth's guidance. Just talk and she does the work of turning that into a great tale.

Tami B

What a wonderful way to tell your wife you love her - your love story in a book for an anniversary present.

Richard Martin (Creative Director fo RB Content Lab)

Your concept of turning peoples' stories into thin books is exciting. I know I'd like to do this for my​ ​grandfathers' stories. I see family members​ ​doing this for other family members, so the stories remain alive. What you're doing is amazing.

Hailey (project manager at Odd Dog Media)

Beth, Your self-care journal arrived and it is lovely! Thank you so much. I'm taking it with me to Paris.

Liza Modern Art Media

I have money to burn, and it's time I get my stories into a book. Your service is absolutely remarkable because I don't have the time or attention to do this. You're a life saver.

Beth T

"Your Inspiration Journal" was a wonderful way for people to share their stories during my wife's memorial service and now I see how much this book is going to mean to me."

Kevin R

The diverse nature of your well-crafted books opens up many horizons.

Marcia Orland from

I am very impressed with your writing. I see that talent (which you’ve got to find), you’ve got it. I am impressed you’ve connected with me. I believe we’ll be very successful reaching people with your book about me and my CD.
The idea is having a passion (using and enjoying what you do so well ) which is your writing. I didn’t expect you to capture me so well in sixty- pages. I can’t wait to get more books done with you because this book is swingen.

Ronnie Pierce

Famous Jazz Musician
Beth, what a great meeting today. You are such a beautiful soul! I think you are amazing for being willing to allow the space and guidance for people to write their or their family’s stories. Yes, you can use my first name to blog about me. Happy Blogging.


Thank you, Beth, for such a powerful experience in telling you a chapter of my story! I think everyone would benefit in sharing their heart in such a raw way. You are a gem to be discovered by so many.


Write Heart Memories®

Our stories about the uniqueness of who we are.


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