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Self-Care Question & Answer Journal by Beth Lord


It’s the start of peeling the layers of who you are as an authentic person and accepting the essence of you. You become more accepting because you are caring for yourself.


Price: $14.99



My Secret Journal by Beth Lord

My Secret Journal_1_Cover 2

It’s a journal for you with 5 different steps for you to figure out your independence between chatter, clutter, feelings, fear and love.



Price: $14.99



Extra Books

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You can order extra books from us at any point in time. Each extra copy is 12.99 and this comes with free shipping.

Price: $12.99



A Playbook *



A Playbook Between The Memory Challenged Client & The Caregiverby

Beth Lord

• User-Friendly.

• Motivating and Engaging for The Client and The Caregiver.

• Spark Inspiring Memories.

• Involve whole brain participation.

• 50 Lessons to affirm and nourish

~ the human brain, body, heart & soul.

• Supports a healthy narrative.

This book was developed for applicable use for people who have memory care issues. Beth tested it on her client and his caregivers for over five years with demonstrated results with her client and a variety of caregivers.

Watch the quick video to see how easy the book is to use.

It’s a book to use in every day life for anyone who needs to strengthen their memory. ~ Beth Lord, OTR/L, GCFP

A Sample of What’s Inside A Playbook Between The Memory Challenged Client & The Caregiver by Beth Lord



Price: $19.99



Points of Consciousness from The Camino *


Points of Consciousness from The Camino

Step-By-Step Inspiration, Motivation & Momentum

Go on a journey in this reading and writing journal that’s thin, light-weight and filled with questions for you to answer for your inner reflection and clarity while offering inspiration and motivation too. It’s 56 pages that should not be left behind on any spiritual pilgrimage or quest. The book was inspired when Beth walked The Camino deSantiago from France to Spain in 2013.

Price: $14.99



Inspiration- Remembring Who You Are *



Structure a journal that helps a person when someone they love dies. Make it a 130-page gem
of a book that gives the person a way to write (before they forget), the treasure chest of words,
sayings, stories and memories of this loved one. Leave room at the end of the book to journal
and what you end up with is Inspiration – Remembering You, the current of his or her life kept

Price: $14.99



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