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The Stories of Who We Are

Everyone’s story is vital to the thread of life. We need our accumulated thoughts, ideas, poems and stories to feel how different we are and to know how to overcome the hurdles. That’s why we have these community pages.

Your stories are here in the storyline section that best describes your book.

Decide if you want your name online or if you want to be anonymous. Nevertheless, you’ll have a 1-2 paragraph bio and a 1-2 synopsis of your story. Your books are in the format of audio and a pdf ebook.

Donate and Download

When someone wants to listen or read your book, they must donate to you, and someone has the honor of reading your story. A person purchases what format they want, and it downloads to the person.At the end-of- the-month, you’ll get a check from us if someone has donated and downloaded your story.


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You and your books make up this part of our website as the community. The more people you tell about this section; traffic increases and people hear you or read about you. Here, is a place where our stories are gathered and collected so we may feel and learn.

Stories connect us to one another

Overcoming The Monster

Rags To Riches

The Quest

Voyage And Return

Comedy & Love