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Seven Good Reasons Why Capturing Your Mom’s Story Is A Great Investment

1. Feeling and Emotion

Reliving the life of your Mom in a brain-limbic and heart-centered way provides greater compassion and connection for the people we love.

This is the work I do. I pull out the stories in your mother’s, grandmother’s, daughter’s, aunt’s, sister’s or any mothering mentor’s brain who has mothered you. I do this easily by phone or in person.

I’m rather a unique person for this position because I’ve spent over 30 years as an Occupational Therapist being sensitive to all sorts of individuals as well as hearing and listening to them. I don’t judge and help people feel comfortable with talking to me. I feel this is a strong skill set like my writing, editing and formatting a book because this has always been the way for me. People confide in me because they trust me. And I don’t disappoint them.

Because I don’t judge, I get to hear the stories that make a great book so I hear the lucky, mystical and iraculous blessings. I hear the mistakes people have made and how they have overcome problems.Your books are your Write Heart Memories® because we see the growth and healing in this way of storytelling.

2. Avoid Complacency

Don’t kick yourself in the head.

I was having dinner with a friend of mine the other day. And she said: “You know I could kick myself in the head because I didn’t get any of my mother’s stories. Mom told amazing stories, and I thought she would always be around, so I never thought any more of it. And then she got Alzheimer’s, and was living like that until she passed away.

I never had another chance to get her stories which I’d like now for me, my children and my grandson.”

3. Pain

Your Mother died six months ago, and it’s still too raw.

You’re in shock and grief; you don’t know what to do because you’re grieving and it’s painful to remember. But if you don’t remember in a timely way, the stories get lost. Yes, they get forgotten and only brought back to life in strange moments of reminders from your heart and your brain’s limbic system that hit your frontal lobe where memories are made.

4. Respect

Assumptions make an ass out of you and me.

Adult children assume what they care to know about their Mom. And sometimes, that assumption casts a veil around mom while the clearer vision of who she is lies underneath.

The biggest gift you can give to yourself and your Mom is giving her the choice in keeping the veil on or taking it off. If you have an objective person like me who listens to her and tells her story, it is a beautiful way both the adult child and parent are free to feel the wholeness and richness of these stories.

For example, Mom and I had a prickly relationship. She didn’t live up to my expectations as the Mother I wanted. She struggled with alcohol and cigarettes. As a young Mother, she had no patience for me and I’d often get cracked on the side of the face. I couldn’t understand why she did some of these things and it hurt me.

I couldn’t see past my hurt.

I loved Mom but kept my distance to keep my feelings in check because I was not going to be like her in any shape or form. I was a successful therapist, sales person, and mother raising my kids the way I wanted. She died nine years ago. Since then, I started down the writer’s path she had been on. I never respected the courage it took for her to feel and be true in feeling her emotions and creating something concrete from those feelings so she could connect to herself and others. I’ve read her poetry in all its beauty, depression and despair.

In growing this company now for six years, I’ve embraced mom and released expectations from my past. I am like Mom and I love her completely with all her flaws and mistakes as I’m left with the wholeness of who she tried to be. If she were here today I’d hug her tight, cry and tell her how much I appreciate and love her. I know she did the best she could as a parent and I’m grateful for this acknowledgement but I never gave my mother the respect she thoroughly deserved.

It would have been so easy to do in turning her writing; her poems and stories in a book.

I’ll do so posthumously but gosh, isn’t it better to get a book when your Mom is alive and you both can celebrate the connections you have in being family?

5. Tragedy

Tragedy happens every day.

I hope your life isn’t affected by it but just in case, be proactive and take the step of capturing your Mom’s stories so you might have a little bit of comfort if tragedy happens.

My friend’s psychotherapist had to cancel her session this week because her mother died. And it’s her Mother’s funeral she’ll be going to for Mother’s Day.

6. Memory Care Issues

Does a brain injury, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s or other memory care issue affect your Mother’s voice, memory and the ability to tell her stories?

Capture them, so they don’t get away.

That way you can tell them to your Mom if she has Memory Care issues.

Lisa is the only babysitter I used for my children. She has two children now. But they’ll never get their Grandmother’s story in her words because she developed an aggressive form of Alzheimer’s in her fifties and all those memories are not in her capacity to tell anymore.

7. Growth & Healing

Even in the best of relationships with your Mom Stop beating around the bush and get her story down.

You don’t have to go to counseling nor does she. If she is allowed to tell her story to an objective person then the whole story comes out.

The natural byproduct of letting your mom tell her story and you reading about it in a book is growth and healing for you and your mom.

Does this sound like you?

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We can do this together.

Have a Lovely Moter’s Day Celebraton.


I’m the one that pulls the stories out of your Mom’s brain because I listen to her in a refreshing, objective and caring way. This opens her up to telling one story after another because she is safe and trusts me. Yes, I build trust quickly.



Ten Excuses Why You’re Not Capturing Your Mom’s Story For Mother’s Day or Any Day

  1. I don’t have time to feel anything about Mom except calling her, put a card in the mail, send her flowers or take her out to eat.
  2. There’s plenty of time. Mom is in good health.
  3. We have tons of videos and pictures of Mom already. It’s good enough.
  4. It opens up too many feelings and emotions.
  5. A book seems like a great idea but too overwhelming to undertake.
  6. I don’t know why but I’m afraid to do this. I’m anxious.
  7. I’ve asked Mom questions and answers both on paper and on video.
    Frankly, her answers feel flat and emotionless. I want to capture her emotions in her stories.
    Who is she besides my mom?
  8. I’ve checked into memoir writers, personal historian writers, and memory companies. It’s hard to choose. They want to preserve our memories, but these options take too long or cost too much money. I’m looking for a personal touch and a memory book we can enjoy, especially with Mom’s beginning of Alzheimer.
  9. Mom’s house is filled with “stuff” and we have to get to that first.
  10. I’ll remember all the fabulous things she has done and who she is.

Does this sound like you?
Watch our Posts On Facebook and Youtube Over The Weekend for at least 5 Helpful Ideas.

I’ll recap it in my Newsletter next week so sign Up & You’ll See.

Have a Lovely Moter’s Day Celebraton.

I’m the one that pulls the stories out of your Mom’s brain because I listen to her in a refreshing, objective and caring way. This opens her up to telling one story after another because she is safe and trusts me. Yes, I build trust quickly.



Heather Martin of Satya Solutions Supports Me & My Truth In Marketing Mayhem

I innovate the cumbersome streamlining publishing for people and their stories so that the experience is user-friendly in capturing your stories into thin, easy-to-read books.But people aren’t going to trust how easy this process is unless I resonate with what they are needing and what excites them. I hid behind being a health professional for many years – confident you needed the information I gave you because you had no choice. And I hid behind golden handcuffs in the pharmaceutical industry as a top pharmaceutical rep. When I created this company, I didn’t know how to be me until I dropped the pretenses and learned how to come to you on bended knee, focused listening, clear mind and an open heart. I had to heal what was inside of me so that I was a living embodiment of Write Heart Memories® – Growth and Healing Through Storytelling.

Last month at Townsquared Women’s Breakfast Event I met Heather. I was running out the door to see some clients, but her energy caught my eye. We exchanged business cards, sent an email to one another and within a week, she was sipping tea and eating some Tarte de Santiago in my Yurt. I listened to her. I liked what she had to say about helping me be myself with marketing. She wrote me a proposal and told me to watch Simon Sinek’s TED Talk about The Golden Circle.

Everything seemed to fall into place as I hired her and filled out the questionnaire she sent me. She heard my voice and cut through the red tape of my fear. She gave me a tagline and a branding statement I can live with forever. She told me to make my website simple for people to follow and let go of the complicated marketing practices I had been taught. I also had to let go of the fear that people wouldn’t like me and my message. My message is me and you can give me a call to see if this is something you’d like.
Leveraging Fear

April 12, 2017
Heather Martin

“Fear is the raw material from which courage is manufactured. Without it, we wouldn’t even know what it means to be brave.”

~Martha Beck, Finding Your Own North Star

Entrepreneurs are not strangers to fear. We overcome it, on some level, almost every day. We all conquered it in a big way when we initially launched off on our own. Fear is natural. It is our body’s warning system that alerts us when we are contemplating something with an uncertain outcome. It’s important to pay attention to this inner voice that guides us, but, if we want to grow, it’s also important to be sure we don’t let fear keep us from taking action.

When it comes to marketing activities, many entrepreneurs routinely grapple with fear. Fear of “bothering” people. Fear of wasting time and money. Fear of being vulnerable. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of not being “good enough.” Fear of not knowing what to say. Fear of saying too much. The list goes on and on. For many of us, working in the business feels safer than trying to get the word out about what we are doing.

The quote above from Martha Beck is a powerful perspective for all entrepreneurs to consider. We can leverage our feelings of fear and use them to our advantage. Fear is our internal barometer telling us that something isn’t comfortable. Sometimes, that thing could hurt us. Other times, that thing we are afraid of is exactly what we need to do in order to grow. Fear is a signal that we are pushing our limits. Leveraging fear as an indicator of impending growth and progress can give us the courage we need to experience unimaginable breakthroughs.

I’m not saying to ignore fear. We need to evaluate the source of our fears and determine if it is signaling an actual danger or simply a resistance to the unknown future. Remember, the people who are “bothered” or don’t think we’re “good enough” aren’t paying attention anyway. Our future clients are eager to learn about what we have to offer. When we leverage our fears to build the courage necessary to expose our unique vision to the world we’re ultimately able to do more of what we love.

How to breathe life into you

Tremendous vitality lives in us when we are clear and present. It’s our life essence, and it’s effortless to get to know her. Your breath carries you to her anytime you want to know her. She knows the answers to your questions if you listen long enough to hear her and she is more than willing to go above and beyond what’s necessary to help you.

This “life essence" is the voice of our heart and soul, buried deep in our distractions and entertainment yet manages to tweet out about impending dangers lurking around the corner for us or creating synchronistic events and chance meetings that become pivotal in our life choices. She’s your “gut feeling,” the hunch you have and the headache that won’t go away. She tugs at your heartstrings to get you to notice her.

For sure, this is our voice that’s found in the remarkable way our lungs breathe, taking the waste away and bringing in fresh oxygen for required consumption. Our hearts don't skip a beat and keep us pumped and alive. Take away the mind's chit chat, clutter of self-doubt, fears, and unnecessary stress, and you have found the fountain of youth in breathing and your heart beating.

No joke, but it also takes some soul searching to be on this path with inspiration and motivation as your helpmates. Stories also provide support on this journey and get us connected to one another. We feel greater compassion when we hear stories that move us. Stories in books can do the same thing. I know because I listen to people and I see growth and healing through storytelling. I turn your stories into 50-page 6” x 9” book. I see first hand, the transformation in people as they are telling their stories to me. In less than sixty minutes people usually open up and tell me amazing stories. I then spend twenty to thirty hours curating the stories because I make sure I find their voice and their inspiration and motivation. My price is quite reasonable for the time and effort I put into these books because I want you to get involved and see how effortless and fun this is. This price will change in 2018 so get to know the power of your stories in book form now. When our stories are in books, the reflection is objective and whole. There is no ego, just your life essence so we find the hero, what the hero has overcome and the light of his or her truth. We get to read about who we are and the memories and stories we’ve captured about ourselves and others that strengthen our life essence and the productive expression of it as a human being.

We also put your books, anonymously or by name in our community section so people can be inspired and motivated by your stories in audio and pdf format. A person donates to the book that resonates with them, and they, in turn, get support in the stories they read. The donations go to the author of the story because that’s just the way it should be.

The demands of life tend to squish the real self into a small ball inside of us. We don’t remember our remarkable stories and rarely do we have time to write the specifics down because of the demands of the day, but I do hope you’ll call me with questions you might have so I can help you grab and capture your stories worth remembering.

I close with this story for you.

Saturday night I flew home from my husband’s farm in Oklahoma. I am feeling loss, grief, and sadness because I don’t have Grant around. I fly back from country quiet dirt roads to City, neighbors, pets, family, mail and distractions. The next day is my daughter’s birthday, and we have fun and celebrate with family. On Monday, I go to a Townsquared Women’s Breakfast Meeting and find a community of like-minded women in business who are allowing them to be their whole selves in the marketplace. They energize me, and I want to get to know them further. I see clients for the rest of the day and then take one of my dogs and two of my cats to the vets. My cat escapes when the kennel breaks outside my car door. Luckily, 490’s gone over to the yoga center storefront, and I scoop him up into my arms. My home has three cats, two dogs, five hens and me. All of us miss Grant. I’m sad and exhausted without him, so I curl up with the cats on my bed and go to sleep.

Tuesday gets better as I take the dogs to the baseball park that’s just down the block and unleash them. They have the freedom to smell everything around them. I have Mason, the beagle, and Pearl, the foxhound. Smell is primary in their sense of self, so they wander to sniff, and Pearl runs and stretches her beautiful long legs. I am happy with my dogs. Wednesday, my daughter’s car battery is needing jumping, so I helped her at Green Lake and then took her out for a Red Mill Burger. These simple acts of daily life offer me my rhythm back to me again, and I return to myself. I clean my house, go through my piles and write. My shaman hairdresser cuts and colors my hair and says our souls are here on vacation so relax and enjoy. I ask him where he got that information from and he says his voice’s life essence. Of course, he did. We laugh, and he says, “let go of what ails you and just be in the present. Remember to breathe, smile and laugh at the absurdity of it all.”

Suryo comes over so we can proof her book: Each Other’s Blood Being: One Red Rose She forgets her proof, so I print it out. She is a well-respected Psychologist and BodyTalk Practitioner, and I got to know her when I took her BodyTalk Training classes (marvelous classes to take). She feels the simplicity of my home and the love that's gone into my husband rebuilding it. I show Suryo around as my cats and dogs gravitate to this person for petting. We see the hens have laid two eggs, so I take the eggs while one of the Hens looks on in disbelief as I soothe her ruffled feathers and put the eggs discreetly in my pocket. We walk into my magical round space called a Yurt where people come to tell me their stories.

We sit and talk till late. Dinner is ready by now, so we walk back to the house. Suryo takes off the clogs I gave her to get to the yurt and now she puts slippers on to keep her feet warm. We sit down to eat a poached salmon which is one of my favorite meals to make. I make a mean sauce that’s scrumptious with the salmon and brings out the flavors of the Pacific Northwest. We talk about our adventurous stories, our businesses and what we are learning in the decade of life we are living. I wished I had a tape recorder going, but I didn’t (too bad). By now it’s way too late to go over her proof. I send it home with her, and she promises when she finishes the edits she’ll have me over for dinner so we can tell more stories. I watch her pull out of the driveway and close the door. I am satisfied and love what I am doing because I am supposed to be doing this. My writing is my way of breathing life back into me, and as I turn your stories into books, I do the same for you.

How To Make A Memoir In Less Than An Hour by Beth Lord ( Beth B Lord )

Hello Beth,

I see your name and website in Alignable.. Can you please share with me what can you do with my life story? How you can turn it in a book and what will be the cost for a complete project?


I reply:

Hi, Nick!
Pleased to meet you. I'd go to my website at www.bethlord because it has videos, my blogs, podcasts, press releases and you can download some free ebooks. I'm also more than happy having a telephone conversation with you and emailing you more samples.

So what is it that I do? I turn your stories into books. Keep in mind, and in your heart that this is my last profession, so I do it with love and attention to detail. Because telling our stories in a printed book form is magical and serves as a living storybook for you, for those who love you and others who randomly come in contact with your book. It's your living legacy to life.

I am an Occupational Therapist by profession and became a Feldenkrais Practitioner and all sorts of other alternative healing techniques. I'm still a therapist to two life-long clients. One man is thirty-five years old and has severe cerebral palsy, and the other man is fifty-five years old and has an anoxic brain injury due to an overdose of anesthesia before back surgery. His frontal lobe is destroyed, and it is forever difficult for him to make long-term memories as you and I do. But I've seen him for years and use human empathy, compassion, stories and technology, so he remembers memories through the back door. I moved into Corporate as a Pharmaceutical Rep when I divorced my first husband and had three girls to put through the schooling I wanted them to have. I chose to add corporate to my resume because of its steady paychecks, bonuses, and benefits. I moved up the ladder and was fired ten years later because I was on the top rung. I took it as my opportunity to finally write, which was always a goal of mine.

What I found in developing my business is people have a deep desire to be known for who they are. What better way than by turning their stories into books? Whether you hand-write or I interview you, or you send me your thirty minutes of stories, it's a great format to transcribe and edit your stories into a thin softbound book easy to read, easily printed and shared. Most people don't have attention spans for great novels anymore. However, they can commit to a thirty to forty minute read. Your stories come in a 6"x9" softbound book. You'll have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), and you own the copyright. I encourage you to share your story in our community section (just started). AS we ramp up, people will know these stories are from real people. You can choose to have your full name out there or be anonymous. Most people don't think their stories are vital, but they are. And I want these stories to have a home for anyone interested in them. When people donate to a book, they'll receive either the audio or pdf of that story. The donated money goes to the author of that story.

So the process of your thin book (and remember, you can have volumes if you want) is $250.00 (which is my special). Normally, it's $350.00. Other writers are shocked at this price, especially when I take twenty to thirty hours to make sure this book is a work of art. Call me crazy, but I love what I do, and want people to be comfortable in sharing their stories. I have many ways to do this. The price is affordable because I want people to know they can do this. You don't have to be rich or famous, just yourself. People are fearful that they aren't worthy of a book. Are you kidding me? In this day and age of information overload, it is a perfect format for telling mething of value and meaning. I love photographs. I love movies. I love audio recordings. I have tons of them. But it's these thin stories living on your shelves to be read by yourself, between you and your grandchild or anyone else that makes turning your stories into books a noteworthy format because it lives on your shelf and is pulled out for anyone to read at any time. Your incredible stories are easy to find this way.

You have lived an amazing life. I don't care what you've done, but I know you have lived a great life. You've made it through countless barriers, jumped over tons of hurdles and are making it through the confusing maze of life. I need your stories because other people need your stories. And in all honesty, I am nourished by them.

So, this is what I do. It's not cut and dry, and I'm not an app. We have conversations, and you get to make corrections when I send you the proof. People love reading their stories when they get their proof because I weave the thread of you, your essence and your wisdom throughout the book.

I've walked The Camino de Santiago (a spiritual pilgrimage from France to Spain) in 2013, 2014 and 2015. In 2016, I was a volunteer for two weeks at one of the albergues pilgrims stay overnight. I mention this because this journey moves me forward in creating a heart-centered business. I want a business that is fun and easy, so I keep letting go of the trappings of what a business resembles because the business is me. I market my company but truly, I'm busy writing blogs or books, so I have to update my social media platforms :). But I'd rather have your inquiry because it's more personal that way.

As to where to start? You can start on career, family, travel, and adventure, a physical problem you solved, your wisdom and philosophy or what would you want to leave behind for starters? If we were going to talk on the phone, Skype or meet personally, we'd have an hour or so together. Chit chat and then I'd record. I find people give me extraordinary information if I listen and record. But I also have a series of questions to ask if you're comfortable with that methodology.

I'm here to answer any more questions you might have but please look around on my website because that may give you further ideas. I've attached Finding Otis. This book started my thin book concept. I had come back from being in Italy, walking The Camino and Ireland. I went directly to my husband's farm in Oklahoma instead of Seattle because that's where you can find him a lot of the time. We were going to drive our camper to the east coast to have Thanksgiving with one of our children and their family, return to the farm and then drive back to Seattle in December. Otis, came to the farm about six days before we were to leave for the east coast. It was a small event in my life but so profound I had to write about it. And when I turned this story into a book, it changed the course I was on. #yourthinbooksrock, #writeheartmemories, #bethblord, #bethlord.

And Nick’s Reply?

Thanks so much for your very detailed reply Beth. It is 3:30am where I am now, could not even read your message in full yet but I sense this is what I am looking for and love to let you know I will reply you soon.. I am in the middle of taking a trip. I may be able to reply better After Sunday. Thanks again

Best regards,

And what did I say?

I said, “Sounds great. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. Hope you're sleeping.” And I hope to hear from you folks who have stories inside of you, a memoir to tell or many memoirs to tell. It’s your stories and your books.

So Where Do Your Stories Go When You Die? Dust To Dust & Ashes To Ashes?

Pretty much so. Your stories evaporate. When you're at a funeral, you hear people tell amazing stories of that person. You wish you had a tape recorder because you never heard some of those stories but then the funeral ends and the stories turn to dust and blow away.

Somehow, part of moving on is feeling the person but not talking about them. I know because I've had both my mom and dad dead for a while as well as my grandparents, my sister, and my brother There’s a sense of vagueness about them. I can say they're in my heart, but on some level, I don't want to feel how significant these losses are and how much these losses have changed me. I can’t remember some of their stories or the way they’d put certain words together that’d make me laugh. People wear black armbands to show they are in mourning, so they don’t have to talk about what they are going through, it’s saying, “People go away. I can’t talk about my feelings. I’m in grief. Please honor this.” The phrase “wearing your heart on your sleeve” is synonymous with the mourning black armband people wear.

I wrote, Inspiration ~ A Reading And Writing Journal, to help people frame their grief and loss stories for themselves and other people right after the person has gone or maybe while they're still alive but in transition. It's painful. You know, painful. But if you get these stories, they will always nourish you. The person won’t become vague. You’ll feel them, their presence and that lost part of you when they died.
We can also gather information for this 50-page book in your audios, videos, and pictures too.

When you turn the person’s words, their thoughts and stories into a 50-page book, the grief turns into love as we remember the person who took part of our heart with them. I think, for the most part, most of us don't like to feel the loss because we are afraid our feelings are going to consume us. That's why people may start their memory books but don’t complete them because it brings up painful feelings. We did have the best of intentions, but the stories get lost, remembered only in a passing conversation.

So I'm asking you to take action by having your loved ones tell their stories, or you tell the stories they might have forgotten so we can turn the stories into books before you forget. These thin books sit so simply on your shelf and are pulled out and easily found anytime you want to feel and remember these stories and the person who created them. Death waits for no one. We wake up our consciousness and connect to each other in our stories. You have lived stories beyond belief, and they are your stories to tell and turn into books. Take action on those you

love, so their stories don't go to ashes. If you have the person’s stories in a book, they are alive in what they have experienced on earth.

Sincerely Yours,


#yourthinbooksrock, #writeheartmemories, #bethlord, #bethblord

The Sacredness Is In You & Your Stories by Beth Lord

Yesterday Grant was upset at the dirtiness and untidiness of our home. He does his part, though, by vacuuming the house from top to bottom so what is my part in this? It is a Sunday, and I want to spend the day writing, but I knew how important it is for us to have a clean home. Cleanliness helps feeling good about our surroundings, so I joined the cleaning crew. I put on the latest James Bond Movie for background noise, so I could attend to our piles of "stuff" and put them away which lasted as long as the movie. I started cleaning the rooms Grant had vacuumed.

Beth called while I was cleaning and said, “ I’m going to the Fremont Market and wondered if I could drop by after that and give you my writing on a thumb drive.” I’ve known Beth for years, so I said, “Sure, I’m home cleaning.” Beth came about five and stayed till seven. I saw how powerful it was for Beth to give me her thumb drive so I could copy her poems and stories. She was telling me fearful thoughts about what I would say like, "What are you doing thinking these poems and stories should be in a book? These are ridiculous and silly things you've written. And, there aren't fifty pages worth of writing.” I told her, “Let's see how the book works out because the book always works out. Besides, I’m not going to say anything like that. It’s why I listen and take the time to know what the person wants as well as figure out the technical and creative aspects, so it’s a good book.

Beth left, and I called my Aunt Mary Jane in Chicago. She is the oldest in my bloodline, and I cherish our weekly conversations. But the conversation got cut short because Grant was running out the door yelling for me to follow him because Mason, our 14- year-old- beagle had escaped for the second time today. I said, “Good-bye,” to my Aunt, put down my phone to grab my coat and ran to the car. But then I had to run back inside the house to get my phone in case someone had left a message on my "Nextdoor" app. Sure enough, someone had. I was texting that neighbor when a black sedan pulled up. Aaron and Erin (our neighbors up the street we haven't seen in two years) stepped out and opened the back door to let Mason go.

He’s so old that all he has is his rabbi tags on his collar, so I must get his name tag remade. Lori, LuLu’s Mom didn’t even recognize Mason because he’s not young anymore. Lulu is a female beagle, and both LuLu and Mason had all sorts of escapades in their youth, so everyone knew who they were. But neighbors have changed so I must get a tag for him. We thanked Erin and Aaron for taking the time to find us. Grant and I ate a quick dinner, finished cleaning and went to bed.

March 13th, 2017.

It's Elena's birthday today, and she is eight years old. She was our first granddaughter born to my husband and me. I was working in pharmaceuticals and was at a conference in San Diego. We had taken the weekend and some time off to drive down the coast before the meeting began. We were having dinner with one of the other sets of grandparents who live in California when John called to say,” Shaina had given birth, and her name is Elena.” Together, we celebrated being grandparents for the first time. It’s hard to believe how those eight years have flown and Elena has become her own unique and terrific person. Elena lives on the east coast. She has her present from us, and we'll call her today to wish birthday greetings.

It's early morning, and I'm sitting in my clean office. My kitchen is clean, and the rest of the house is clean. It was good to clean. I go outside to feed the dogs and the hens. The outside is trying to sing spring into the ghastly winter we've had. Pearl (My foxhound) and I climb the steps to go into my yurt which is in my backyard. Lots of people come here to tell their story. I come in here to listen to my story. I grabbed a sacred moment with Pearl. There's a sky window, and the roundness of the yurt is protective. I forget my fears in this place. Kind of like camping but the feeling of security goes back eons of time with tribal communities and lost worlds.

Pearl and I sat, to take in the energy. I went back to the house and ate some breakfast. I said my prayer I say before opening anyone's folder to begin a story. I ask for guidance from the ancestors and my heart. I have my smudging stick going so energy is here and now – between me and the thoughts, words, stories that are going to make a book. I opened Beth's file and read her poems and stories. I cry.

I cry with every story, every book because people have amazing stories to tell. I know it is an act of courage for people to interview with me or give me their thoughts, ideas, and stories. I am here to nourish these stories because I know the power of these stories. I tend to them for a long time, so their power is a realization for all of us.

It seems like we're at odds with the sacredness of who we are somehow don't believe we are enough or good enough to tell our stories, our thoughts, our poetry. I say don't believe it for a minute. You are enough. Right here, right now to turn your ideas, your words, your voice, your poetry into a book you can reflect on. A ok you know is you.


Surviving A Firing by Beth Lord

Six years ago today, I had a dream. It was a strange dream. I dreamed I was with my manager, and he told me he was going to fire me. I rolled out of bed and told my husband the dream because I was meeting with Bill that day and thought nothing more of it. When I got to Bill’s hotel, he asked, “Do you mind if we meet with the new Area Business Manager for your review before we go out in the field?” I said, ” No.” The Area Business Manager joined us in a private room at the hotel near Sea-Tac as did the human resource director on conference call. They accused me of not fulfilling my obligations as a pharmaceutical rep. and before I knew it, I no longer had a job. The death was swift.

I was in complete shock since I had been a top earning rep.; thrown into a sense of victimization. Three men against a woman seem like bullying behavior, and I will always wonder if they would have done that to me if I were a man. I didn’t know how to counter it because I felt shame and that knocked the hell out of any fight in me. I was an Institutional rep which means I am part of a group that’s on the highest rung in selling products. We have to get to the thought leaders, form a relationship that those leaders trust, thus gaining a strong foothold on influencing that person. Creating this relationship takes time and dedication because these people are busy doing research, teaching and talking at conferences. Later on, when talking to my Institutional Team, they said, “ Beth, we have entirely different rules of daily obligations. Why didn’t you say that?” I replied, “I was in shock and couldn’t think of anything to defend myself, so I signed their paperwork of my guilt.

We checked me out of my storage unit with their products, they drove me home to pick up their printer (I had already given them my laptop) and they drove away in my business car. Grant met me on our porch with the printer, so the death was as quick as possible. The shame and humiliation of this event were a tsunami, like the one that happened that Friday in Tōhoku Japan. A Tsunami is fast and furious, leaving devastation and loss everywhere.The clean-up takes years.

The Tsunami is a great metaphor for the change happening in me. I had lots of anger to work through. But it gave me an opportunity to see what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I could go back into Occupational Therapy or Feldenkrais, and I interviewed in corporations again just to make sure I didn’t want that. I decided to write. In taking that bold step, I formed this company: Beth Lord’s Annie Piffaknee, PLLC and Beth Lord’s Write Heart Memories® – Turning your 30 minutes of words into a fifty-page softbound book. I also have many options for turning your story into books on your own too. Turning your stories into books are terrific biofeedback mechanisms that take you into the wholeness of who you are, your business brand, a family legacy or something creative. It's an easy way to remember key events, people, and situations that brought you to where you are now. These are inspiring, motivating and moving for all of us. I am grateful for the firing because now I have the work I’m doing the rest of my life. “What did I do in surviving a firing from a job I performed well?” The key point to this story is I opened a door into myself and peeled layers of self- doubt to understand my self-worth. My tools for crossing this bridge of uncertainty was self-care.

Yesterday, I was the mediator at Melissa Peterman and Katelyn Peters Townsquared “Women’s Business Breakfast event.” I moderated a panel of four business women in different fields of self-care, and we asked questions and answered them. Self-care doesn’t come in just one size; self-care involves going to the core of who you are and peeling layers of being your authentic self.

If I had known what I would have had to have gone through to get to this point, I would gladly have said, “No thank you.” But I had no choice; this trauma was major. But traumas can lead to greater potential if you face the monsters and jump over the hurdles. I am happy to be here. I’m happy being myself in this company and helping you write your stories.

In honor of my six year anniversary, anyone who is interested in getting my, “Self-Care Question & Answer Journal, as a gift, have until March 11, 2017. Send me your physical addresses for shipment via

If we know how to self-care ourselves, we make ourselves a much better person in the community, business, and the home. #yourthinbooksrock

Organization and Chaos Turned Into Thin Books On Self-Care by Beth Lord

Next week, I am mediating a woman’s business health care panel on Self-Care, put on by Townsquared Seattle in The University District. You have an open invitation, just follow this link and find out more. You’re more than welcome to come and It’s free, you just have to register. This event has been in the works for a while but was formalized last week when Melissa asked if I’d be the mediator. I was thrilled but my husband and I were planning to leave for The Farm. I asked him if we could wait till after this event to go back to the farm and it turns out the change in our plans works for him too.

So NO more excuses now, I had to finish my Self-Care Question and Answer Journalso I spent forty hours putting it together, proofing and ordering a hundred books. I paid extra for priority shipping with no guarantee the books would get here by Monday.

Today, I had my weekly meeting with Najee, my website designer and wanted him to add two more products to my website – The Self-Care Question & Answer Journal and My Secret Journal.I haven’t looked at My Secret Journal in over a year. It was written in 2015. When I looked at the journaltoday. I said, “Wow” when I realized it would have been fine for this Self-Care Event. In fact, I could have put in an order on Monday, and these books would have arrived today or Monday. This week would not have been so stressful if I had recognized I had these choices. If my computer folders were a tad bit more organized, I would have known this. There are many folders for one book project. I am in the process of streamlining the system, so it works for me and I’m not nutty looking for something I know I have but trying to figure out which folder I put it in. Life throws us enough chaos for us to manage without making it worse by our own disorganization.

But, I’m still working with this process and have to laugh about me. I know I’m working towards these folders getting clearer and simpler. Less stress is better. I know, greater organization simplifies my life, so I’m not so anxious about meeting deadlines and taking care of me too. It doesn’t have to be an eitheror proposition. I can be present in life every moment of every day if I pay attention to the continuum of organization and chaos. That’s also the main reason why I love turning your stories into thin books because the intensity and requirements of utilizing a variety of applications and processes to turn your story into a book is easily managed by me. I love turning your stories into thin books. They nourish me and I know they nourish you. So my mistake if the journals don’t come by Tuesday. If they don’t, I’ll email journals to people who have attended the event or the PDF of it . If you like a PDF of either journal just send me a request.

And right now? What am I doing? Well I’m sitting in front of my computer organizing my folders so I have as little chaos in my life as possible.


A Thin Book By Beth Lord

A Thin Book By Beth Lord

I met Joellla at Third Place Books. She’s been writing books for over twenty years, and now she’s retired. Mainly, she’s written very expensive books; nicely bound for artists, musicians, and business people. She pulled out of her bag a beautiful book she had done for an artist with colored templates. It was a beautiful book. Joella went to get herself a cup of coffee. I looked further at this book and knew this took years to do. I don’t have this kind of time because my plan, my choice, and my passion are writing the heart of your stories in a simple fifty-page book, so it’s easily read by you and by other people.

Joella sat down with her cup of coffee, and we talked. She told me what it was like writing her books of famous individuals and business people. I pulled out my books that are simple, thin and easily read. She liked them. She liked the idea and asked me how much I charged. I said: “Well, for right now, it’s ninety-nine dollars for the special or three hundred and fifty dollars if I see somebody one-on-one.” Joella was bug-eyed and astounded when she heard those prices. “You must put 10 to 20 hours into each book, and I said: “Yes, I do. What’s important to me is writing the stories, the thoughts, and the poems in such a way for people to want to read them.” She agreed that people need to get drawn into books. She loved my concept. She liked my idea. We spent the rest of the time talking about the logistics of life and our ephemera – our stuff that our children may or may not want to keep.

For instance, when her first child, her son was born, her father felt it was vital her son receive a set of Children Classics, so that was his present to the new born. They weren’t bound the best but still in all; this is what her father wanted to give her son. He passed away the next year. When her son grew up, he didn’t want these books. Still in all, Joella wanted her son to know the story behind this item, so she wrote a story and then gave the books away.

My question to her the next time we meet is: “Why not turn that story into a book, so it’s a lovely keepsake of her Dad.?

When you turn stories into thin, inviting and intoxicating books, the lack of cumbersomeness invites the reader.

screenshot-1A thin Book