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A Great Holiday Idea Either Professionally or Do-It-Yourself

Nov 27, 2017 | Comments Off on A Great Holiday Idea Either Professionally or Do-It-Yourself

I’m looking at storytelling, memoirs and the writing experience in a completely different way. I listen to people for ninety minutes, transcribe and polish their words so that the end product is a 60-page softbound 6″x9″ book. I would go here ( if you want to see my video and website for more information when you are finished reading this email.

I’m offering a Holiday Special to people who are interested in purchasing this Holiday Special for themselves or someone they know because it’s a beautiful way to capture stories.

Everyone has a story to tell, and I’ve devised a natural, creative and affordable way to get this done. Yes, I do all of the editing :).

Please pass this on to people you know who would love this reasonable means of getting a printed book for themselves and their family.

Holiday Special.
If you pay for a 90-minute interview – book product, you pay 475.00 instead of the 950.00.

This offer goes until Dec. 31
and you have until March 31, 2018, to use it.

The easiest way to pay is:

Book, pay and have the interview done by December 10th and receive a 6″x9″ softbound book by December 20th


What you Need and Step-by- Step Instructions

    1. iPhone or Smart Phone and the voice memo app.
    2. The person whose stories you want to capture.
    3. 30-60- 90 minutes of active listening with the person you are recording.
      (That means, listening and no internal mind chatter going on.)
    4. Visit them in person or use an app like TapeACall to record the conversation.
      Legally, you must tell them you are recording them.When you’re at a Holiday Event or visiting someone special like Aunt Sarah and Uncle Joe or your parents are visiting you, or you are visiting them – with fanfare or no fanfare, hildren, no children, quiet or noisy times, every moment presents a rare glimpse into that person’s heart and soul. Capturing the person’s voice validates their life stories.

      Looking people directly in the eyes, giving them a little squeeze on the arm or hugging them, telling them you’re hitting the “record” button because you want to remember some of their stories will strengthen the light and the love of this Holiday Season.

      Ask them about past Holidays, their earliest memories, the best present they received, the best gift they gave. What type of food did Mom and Gramma make for the holidays? What were the traditions that you held near and dear as a child? How have they changed? Tell them you’re recording their voice and words because you want to remember how they lived life for yourself and your family.

      The person of interest might want to brush off such overtures but persist until they know you are serious. Say it a few times and then just do it. Ask them for a story. If they start telling a story, they’ll usually remember another story and then another. Keep the tape recording app on your phone going because you are recording precious gold for themselves and you. If you pay attention and listen, the person will open up and share their stories with you.

      If they need help getting started, tell them one of your stories. Ask about what it was like when they were growing up during the Holidays. Ask them for a funny memory, a touching moment, their earliest memory or the best present they received or gave. Listen and record. Do this with one person or do it in a group. If you take turns telling a story, the group enhances the storytelling experience.

These documented stories are your treasure chest of the past, future, and present because our stories connect us to each other.


    1. Save this recorded moment in a folder on your computer and keep it safe. It’s a captured living legacy of life stories. If you want to take the audio further, you can also find transcribing services ( charges $1.00 a minute to get your recorded story into text with 99% accuracy in the transcription), to see how the person’s voice translates into words. If you have captured someone’s story in a video, you can also put it on a private or public youtube channel, and transcribe the video into text, you want to make the text into a pdf, then you format the text document in the way you want it saved – include pictures, include a little bit of the audio or whatever you want to do to showcase this gem of this person or people that have contributed to your Holiday Merry Making.
    2. Now you have audio and text and can make a slideshow | powerpoint | movie | pdf – ebook presentation that turns into a celebration of the people you’ve captured on “record.” You have living book that is a gift to that person and your family.
    3. If you want to format it and make a softbound book, go to for detailed instructions on how-to- do-this.
    4. Download Beth’s Five Easy Steps For Capturing Your Stories.

Happy Holiday Making

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