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Are You Going To The Wedding?

Sep 27, 2017 | Comments Off on Are You Going To The Wedding?

Pay Attention by Your Dad

Peter’s daughter is getting married this Friday. He can’t go because he lives in Seattle and his daughter lives in Alabama. Because Peter has an anoxic brain injury, he can’t “risk” the upset in his neurophysiology. Every Father wants to be at his daughter’s wedding. Yes, they’ll FaceTime or something like that but how do you connect with the emotions? We decided he’d write a book with me and so we did.


Here are some of the highlights. If you’d like a pdf of it, just email me –

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

I give you these clay pieces created by me. The glaze turned out pretty good, and both pieces were on exhibition in one of the brain injury art events celebrating creativity.

I give you this book about me that serves as your jumping off point in your future life as husband and wife. I am one of the backdrops that provide your movement forward ~ shimmering and sparkling as you are because this wedding day is yours. I celebrate it with you in happiness, joy, and love. I am excited to be a part of this day.

Pottery – Paying attention keeps it real and in the moment.

I like working with clay because you have to pay attention when working with it. It is a centering action much like prayer or meditation.

Like clay, I’m a blob that wakes up every day and centers myself in action creating form, substance, and satisfaction. I do this by knowing my daily care routine, exercising, eating healthy food, feeding my squirrels, enjoying Dad and Linda, my caregivers and whatever surprises might happen during the day that tells me I have a good life. I must pay attention to these activities because they give me satisfaction. Pottery reinforces the wholeness of why I am doing what I do.

Sometimes, the pieces fall flat, and they don’t turn out.
But more times than not,
they do turn out.

And when they turn out,
some pieces are more remarkable than others.

Accept what I make and keep making the next piece of pottery.

I keep making my life, day-by- day.
I exercise my body.
I mostly eat healthy foods.
I love my garden and feeding my squirrels.

Pottery My Daughter Is Getting Married

Peter:     I can see the invitation on the bulletin board. I have good eye-sight.

Beth:      What can you tell Lisette?

Peter:     You get married to a person you love who you know is a good person.


Peter:     It would be hard to imagine Lisette as a Mom. She’s my baby. But I’ll be thrilled when that time happens. I would be involved as much as I am able.

I Want Lisette and my other children to know:

I like raccoons. They are obnoxious creatures, and they get into my squirrel feeder, but I like them anyway. My favorite food is a good steak. That’s the best thing I can eat. ~ Grilled.

All three of you have lives of your own now but what is true for me is I love you. All three of you are the best parts of me going out in that world out there.

I have trouble with time, space, and memories.
But don’t let that stop you, I love you, and I’m there for you.

Hopefully, I am remembered by my family.

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