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Jan 2, 2018 | 0 comments

Life moves very fast. We’ve just come out of the Holidays, Celebrated New Year’s, and the race is on. Every day runs. In fact, you have to yank time by its horns to slow it down. We grab a cup of coffee or lunch with a dear friend we haven’t seen for awhile, place likes on our friends’ Facebook postings, meet-up and attend other organizations that help us connect to one another.

But does all the activity give you what you want?




I, for one, want less clutter in my life so I can focus on storytelling. Writing and expressing your stories is what I do best, so less marketing, more trust in the organic word-of-mouth is my plan. I am writing to tell stories. My weekly reach outs will include these newsletters, daily Instagram’s –, podcasts, youtube, and notices of books that we have published. Other than that, I am going to move out of the analytics, conversion funnel and focus on you. Handcrafting a book is my delight. Talking with you, setting up times to record your stories, transcribing the words and putting them down on paper for you to look at and proof, working together to get the final storytelling into a printed book is what nourishes me and gives me space, time and breathability I require.

There, I feel better. I am not going to spend hours watching other people tell me how to run my business. I am dedicating myself, first to you because you ARE my tribe. If not, you will unsubscribe from this newsletter. But I hope not because your stories are important to me and they DO matter.

My wish for you in this New Year is that you know your stories and you are inspired and motivated by them, so you live your life with heart, good intentions and joy in being your own remarkable story. Happy New Year ~ Beth

I’ll leave you with some paragraphs from Finding Otis. This book is the first story that was poignant, so important to me telling it and putting it into a book that I am satisfied and nourished whenever I read it.

“…I saw the sunset and went outside to be with Grant. Diane and her husband pulled up and got out of the truck. Anxiously Diane came with me into the kitchen while the men talked outside. We walked into the warm kitchen and Otis was sleeping on his pad. Groggy from sleep, it took Otis a few moments to recognize his Mom, but when he did, there was the joy that they had found each other again. Diane held up some folded money for me and tried to put it in my hand, and I backed away and told her to put it away. I couldn’t take money for what I knew God, and my heart had wanted me to do. I was supposed to find Otis, love him and get him back to his family. I went through all the details of the past few days. It was a miracle that he found his way back to our home Saturday night as Diane confirmed he didn’t have any logical or directional abilities since the bite to his skull. “ Finding Otis by Beth Lord

For those of you who have read to the bottom, I’m giving you this link to save 50% off my Personal Interview. Book As Soon As You Know the poignant stories you want to be remembered in a book.

Call me first at 206.929.0024 to have your questions answered or pay and then call me or email me so we can get this going. Love to you and yours.

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