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Schedule Now Because You Have No Time to Write or Anguish over Lost Stories.

Sep 8, 2017 | Comments Off on Schedule Now Because You Have No Time to Write or Anguish over Lost Stories.

Sure we have photo books, scrapbooks, social media and videos to follow the timelines of our lives. But what about that story Gramma told you’ve clung to in your darkest moments of despair for inspiration? Or the memories of giving birth to your baby?

Can you remember the details of a story you made last week? Last month? Last year?

Can you find the inspiration, motivation, and voice of a story that transformed you or moved you to tears, laughter or a call to take action?

Our stories evaporate as quickly as the air we breathe. Why not capture your ongoing narratives in a thin, easy-to- read book that easily sits on your shelf waiting for you at any time.

Just record your voice, thoughts, and stories or someone else’s voice, thoughts and stories and send the audio folder to Beth who will easily do the rest.

And if you don’t know where to begin? Beth has taken the anguish out of writing by creating themes for your story book focus so you can start now.
Our brains are wired for stories. We crave a good story that engages our mind and feeds our heart. Feelings and emotions create a good narrative.

Be patient while people are storytelling. Listen to them as you will be surprised at what comes out of their mouth. Make sure you have the recorder on before they ever begin to talk. This happens to include you if you are recording your story too.

Better yet, create a book making event for 7-12 family members, friends, co-workers or clients to tell their stories and receive a fabulous book of these stories in a thin, easy-to-read book.

Beth Lord is the founder of Beth Lord’s Write Heart Memories®.
She’s been capturing people’s stories and turning them into thin, easy-to-read books for over six years. You can find her online services at Give her a call at 206.929-0024 for questions and scheduling appointments. She is a gem.

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