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Star Essence blends are a great way to introduce you to the possibilities of mysticism, inner growth and development, physical and emotional support on an affordable budget. I have used these essences for over twenty-five years, and I love them. I want you to have a chance to love them too. I am a certified Star Essence Practitioner. I work with the essences and make blends that I am drawn to in an intuitive and logical way as well as seeking the support and teamwork of other Star Essence Practitioners too. I test the blend for a good six weeks. My team tests it for that long as well. I am joyfully and lovingly continuing this process, so I can share life enhancing blends that work. I encourage you to go to Star’s website at . She’s done a lovely thing, for all of us, and is truly an amazing individual.

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Star Essence Specials


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The Kit-Includes your choice of Blend & journal


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