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Write your story written on typewriter

Write Your Story

You’ll receive 25 questions to help inspire the author inside of you along with a checklist of the content and images I’ll need to transform your 6500-word story into a book.   You can also send me the written or the recorded responses to any of my reading & writing journals (see under Books)

Price: $350.00
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Self-Guided Interview
Self-Guided Interview

Self-Guided Interview

This self-guided interview captures your stories via your recorder, iPhone or Smart Phone app in a record and pause manner. Beth asks a variety of questions in 5 different ways that help your memory gather the meaningful stories of your life.

Price: $550.00
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Personal Interview with Beth

You talk, and I listen. I will provide guiding questions if that helps you tell your story better. We will collect your story in one 90-minute session together. (This can also be broken up into two or three shorter sessions.) The interview can be done in person, over the phone, or with a virtual meeting.

Price: $950.00
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No Time To Do This But I Want A Book Made As A Gift

Decide the theme of your book. Send us an email: I’ll send you a template of that type of book with blanks where you need to fill in the person’s name and the fill-in-the-blank specifics. You send it back to me, and I’ll print it once you’ve paid my invoice. If you want it before Christmas, I’ll need the paid invoice and

Price: $75.00
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