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Act Now! Limited Opportunity For An Amazing Gift

Act Now! Limited Opportunity For An A Read More

A Great Holiday Idea Either Professionally or Do-It-Yourself

I'm looking at storytelling, memoirs and the writing experience in a completely different way. I listen to people for ninety minutes, transcribe and polish their words so that the end product is a 60-page softbound 6"x9" book. I would go here ( if you want to see my video and website for more information when you are finished reading this email. I'm offering a Holiday Special to people who are interested in purchasing this Holiday Special for themselves or someone they know because it's a beautiful way to capture stories. Everyone has a story to tell, and I've devised a natural, creative and affordable way to get this done. Yes, I do all of the editing :). Please pass this on to people you know who would love this reason Read More

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