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Ten Excuses Why You’re Not Capturing Your Mom’s Story For Mother’s Day or Any Day

May 12, 2017 | Comments Off on Ten Excuses Why You’re Not Capturing Your Mom’s Story For Mother’s Day or Any Day

  1. I don’t have time to feel anything about Mom except calling her, put a card in the mail, send her flowers or take her out to eat.
  2. There’s plenty of time. Mom is in good health.
  3. We have tons of videos and pictures of Mom already. It’s good enough.
  4. It opens up too many feelings and emotions.
  5. A book seems like a great idea but too overwhelming to undertake.
  6. I don’t know why but I’m afraid to do this. I’m anxious.
  7. I’ve asked Mom questions and answers both on paper and on video.
    Frankly, her answers feel flat and emotionless. I want to capture her emotions in her stories.
    Who is she besides my mom?
  8. I’ve checked into memoir writers, personal historian writers, and memory companies. It’s hard to choose. They want to preserve our memories, but these options take too long or cost too much money. I’m looking for a personal touch and a memory book we can enjoy, especially with Mom’s beginning of Alzheimer.
  9. Mom’s house is filled with “stuff” and we have to get to that first.
  10. I’ll remember all the fabulous things she has done and who she is.

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Have a Lovely Moter’s Day Celebraton.

I’m the one that pulls the stories out of your Mom’s brain because I listen to her in a refreshing, objective and caring way. This opens her up to telling one story after another because she is safe and trusts me. Yes, I build trust quickly.





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