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The sacredness is in you and in your stories

Apr 7, 2017 | Comments Off on The sacredness is in you and in your stories

The Sacredness Is In You & Your Stories by Beth Lord

Yesterday Grant was upset at the dirtiness and untidiness of our home. He does his part, though, by vacuuming the house from top to bottom so what is my part in this? It is a Sunday, and I want to spend the day writing, but I knew how important it is for us to have a clean home. Cleanliness helps feeling good about our surroundings, so I joined the cleaning crew. I put on the latest James Bond Movie for background noise and …Read More

Surviving A Firing by Beth Lord

Six years ago today, I had a dream. It was a strange dream. I dreamed I was with my manager, and he told me he was going to fire me. I rolled out of bed and told my husband the dream because I was meeting with Bill that day and thought nothing more of it. When I got to Bill’s hotel, he asked, “Do you mind if we meet with the new Area Business Manager for your review before we go out in the field?” I said, ” No.” The Area Business Manager joined us in a private room at the hotel near Sea-Tac as did the human resource director on conference call. They accused me of …Read More Surviving A Firing by Beth Lord

March Specials

Specials This is an amazing bargain because you get me interviewing you for an hour. The normal pricing is $350.00. I want you to tell your stories NOW.

Step 1 – You’ll be sent (via email) 100 questions. You circle the ones you’d like me to ask you. You’ll also be sent a contract to sign before we begin this process to protect your privacy and whether you’d like to have your book public.

Step 2 – We have our conversation with the method of your choice and I record our talk.

Step 3 – In 3-4 weeks you’ll receive a proof of your book via email and you can make corrections.

Step 4 – You’ll receive one 6”x9” softbound book. You can order extra books from me at any time

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