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You Can Enter The Empathy Chamber Now

Nov 30, 2017 | Comments Off on You Can Enter The Empathy Chamber Now

It is now October 2017. Alissa is coming to my Yurt tonight to tell her story. We met this past March at a Townsquared Women’s Breakfast Meeting. Both of us drawn to one another. I love what Alissa is doing with her company Supirb ( and provide the mutual empathy as we talk about the realities of online businesses and beta testing. She’s intrigued by what I do and wants her story captured.

Most of us have jobs we need to work at, businesses to manage, families and communities to love. Our participation in these ordinary events of everyday life leaves us little time for feeling the emotions and memories of the past and deconstructing the survival layers we have put on to live life. We don’t want to peel these layers and get naked unless there’s a good reason ~ growth and healing through storytelling, and if you capture these stories and turn them into a book, then you are energised by your heroic efforts in jumping over your pain points and moving through them. The outcome is growth, self-discovery, an expansion of self and pure, unadulterated amazement that you did this.

It is no wonder Alissa’s blogs stopped. She is involved in her daily health care that requires lots of time. A husband and young daughter to love, nourish and be devoted to as well as a company that continuously needs her love and devotion to get it in a thriving continuum of connection and support for the idea she has chosen to manifest in the broader social spectrum.

I have just finished filming my 90-second video with Angie Marshall ( Alissa, Angie and I talk for a few moments before Angie leaves. All three of us met at Townsquared Women Business Owners Breakfast Meeting and are grateful to Melissa Peterson for starting this private group for women.

The weather is changing, and I don’t know how warm the yurt will be. My husband will install the propane heater once he gets back from his farm in Oklahoma. I have an electric fireplace heater and will turn that on, but the heat generated from these surrogate furnaces don’t cut it. Alissa says she’ll be fine as we open the family room door and enter the porch where Pearl (my foxhound) and Mason (my convalescing beagle) greet us. We make our way through them and up the seven steps to get to the next level. The chickens cackle at us and I say, “hi” to them as we turn left and up a few more steps where the yurt is on the right.

I open the door, turn on the lights and we both opt to sit on the pink sofa instead of sitting at the chairs and table. We are comfortable because we are empowered by what we are going to do ~ storytelling. I make sure blankets and kleenex are close enough as Alissa has some sniffles.

This step of the process is the part I like. It’s mystical, magical and transformative when two people get together, and there is sharing of stories, devout listening and transformation happening.There is self-expression, self-worth, and self-validation that goes on record as we capture these stories. My iPhone charged, and we can begin anytime by hitting “record.”

There is something more that’s going on as we enter this “empathy chamber.” It is where we feel the horrors of the challenges we have faced, the problems we have overcome and the many emotions that have pulled us out of the logical realm into the emotional one where humankind meets, and it’s in the heart. If we are willing to go there, we find the support we are looking for in ourselves and others because we are eager to tell our stories.

We discuss these stories in awe, shock and surprise and the other emotions we have to feel in storytelling. We met our pain points, the challenges and went on a quest we didn’t know we were going on. What did we find? We found a stronger expanded heart and more of who we are. And that satisfaction and triumph will keep us renewed in the narrative we live every day.

From now until December 31, 2017, we have a Holiday Special for Getting Your Stories into a Book. Just pay, and you have until March 31, 2018, to do this or call me to book your time before December 10th and get your book printed by December 20th.

Happy Holidays.

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