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Picture taken from blog by Smritispeaks. November 18, 2014

“Why Do We Love Falling In Love?”

A love kit for yourself, your mate or finding a mate and people who love and support you. Inspired by my daughterʼs friend, Lauren, who flew in from the East Coast for a visit and wanted a Star Essence Blend to help her in this regard. We worked it up in my Yurt, she took it home and loved it but wanted me to make a package kit that would further support this process within her. So here it is, and I hope it does the same for you.

All products in the True Love Package Kit come with a lovely dosing and how to booklet. Free Shipping in the United States. $49.99

The Love Package Kit Includes

No. 3 Finding Our True Love Star Essence Blend (2 Ounce Bottle).

Includes a dropper and spray mister for either internal or external support.

Rose Quartz Crystal.

Purple Flameless Tea Candle.

A Mantra, Meditation and Prayer to energize you in love, acceptance and the wonder of you.

Twenty Affirmations to keep this energy rolling. A journal that includes some therapeutic exercises and healing techniques to keep you focused on noticing the love in you and others.

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